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    Black products have a larger callback, and chemical products are relatively strong.

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    After the OPEC cut-off agreement last week, the commodity market remained strong this week, boosted by the domestic "green wind". According to the understanding of Fushun Xiulin Chemical Co., Ltd., this Friday, the market has generally fallen, black series products have a larger pullback, chemical products are relatively strong, a week of market oscillation amplitude, frequency increased significantly.

    By Friday afternoon, coke futures were down 3.87%, iron ore 2.6%, eggs 2.58%, coking coal 2.35%, Shanghai lead 2.31%, rapeseed meal 2.29%, Shanghai zinc 2.18%, PVC 2.18%, soybean meal, Zhengyou and Shanghai tin were down more than 1%. At the same time, PTA rose 2.79%, PP rose 2.3%, plastic increased 2.07%, asphalt increased 1.99%, Shanghai aluminum rose 1.6%.

    Strong oil prices and strong prices of chemical products

    Fushun Xiulin Chemical Co., Ltd. knows that chemical products are relatively strong, because the international oil prices maintain a strong pattern of more than 50 U.S. dollars / barrel. In the short term, although the price of crude oil has a pullback, it has little scope, and the supporting role of cost still exists. After market outlook, oil prices tend to rebound, and the trend of chemical products tends to oscillate. Short term, the black plate positive information is gradually absorbed by the market, adding more callback pressure. From the coke inventory of coking plant, the tight stock pattern has eased.

    From Thursday to Friday, Fushun Xiulin Chemical Co., Ltd. learned about commodity warehouses in Foshan and Guangzhou, and found that non-ferrous metals have become the most active commodity in the spot market in recent years, even exceeding some of the steel varieties, providing support for future commodity prices to maintain strong.

    According to Fushun Xiulin Chemical Co., Ltd., the profit margin of aluminium ingot products required by Guangdong household appliance enterprises has increased by 11.3% in the past three months.

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