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    Environmental Storm Forces transformation of recycled plastics industry

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    On April 18, at the 34th meeting of the Central Leading Group on Comprehensive and Deepening Reform, Xi Jinping clearly pointed out that "we should strengthen the management of solid waste recycling and utilization and develop circular economy."

    A few days later, the third batch of central environmental protection supervision work started in an all-round way. Seven central environmental protection supervision teams were stationed in seven provinces and cities of Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Fujian, Hunan and Guizhou to carry out environmental protection supervision.

    These two messages make the regenerative plastics industry practitioners feel quite complicated.

    Wang Yonggang, secretary-general of China Material Recycling Association, told reporters that from 2014 to 2016, the production capacity of the recycled plastics industry decreased slightly, which is closely related to China's increasing efforts to protect the environment. Some small enterprises were gradually eliminated from the market. The actual starting rate of the whole industry is less than 50%, and the production capacity has not been released.

    Since 2016, the central environmental protection supervision work has been carried out nationwide. At present, the storm has not stopped, but on the contrary, it is getting stronger and stronger. Industry insiders judge that in the next three years, the proportion of small plastic workshop shutdown, closure, conversion should be more than 70%, hundreds of thousands of people will leave the industry. Wang Yonggang believes that the macro policy and market environment will force the transformation of recycled plastics industry.

    Liu Ning, general manager of ZZ91 recycling network, is also deeply aware of the power of this transformation. In his view, the transformation of recycled plastics industry has brought challenges to the regenerated network and created opportunities. "In 2005, the registered members of the recycling network are mainly after 50 or 60, and the enterprises have a strong demand for low-cost business opportunities. Now, after 80, 90 become the main force, their network awareness is very strong, the demand for websites, APP is also more and more diverse. Regeneration network data show that the mobile end of the platform accounted for 80% of the total access, mobile end payment accounted for 95% of the total platform payment. In April this year, the renewable network launched from four aspects: service mode, service content, resource integration, brand image, to upgrade B2B2.0 from information platform to trading platform. "Regeneration network upgrade, now is the best time." Liu Ning said.

    Recycled plastics industry products are non-standardized, small and scattered enterprises, which brings difficulties to the development of the industry as a whole. However, Liu Ning believes that this feature needs more like the renewable network trading platform for the industry to provide information, matching transactions, payment, logistics, finance and other multi-dimensional services.

    "The recycled plastic industry recycles more than 26 million tons of plastic annually, which is equivalent to saving more than 40 million tons of oil and reducing carbon dioxide by more than 6 million tons. Our industry is a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly industry. Wang Yonggang has repeatedly stressed that there is no gap between China and developed countries in terms of technology and technology. The problem that restricts the utilization and development of recycled plastics in China is not the back-end, but the front-end waste classification and system construction. "At present, the state's support for the recycling of renewable resources is very strong, and the 50% return policy of VAT will be implemented in May 2015. If the front-end problem is not resolved, these policies will not be able to land.

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